POISON GHOSTS (October 31, 2013)

It’s a red-letter day but I can’t read the calendar,

A philistine second to none

The priest asks me if I’m saved but I’m too much a spender

And Halloween has just begun


I’ve gotten an attic full of poison ghosts a-plenty

A Jackolantern on the deck

I trick or treat oh-so-very innocently

Don’t want to give it up so quick


I’m dressing up like a spooky Friday’s waiter

Wearing an apron made of chains

I’ll eat too much candy but may pay for it later

Momma’s annual refrain


I’ve got an attic full of poison ghosts and phantoms

It’s really all just in good fun

They’re no scarier than ol’ Marilyn Manson

If you’d like, I could lend you one



THE DOVE (October 29, 2013)

Out from that lava,

   Burned my eyes

   Could see it with them closed,

Out of a golden white plume

A dove


My hand grasped for it

   Like smoke

   Wafted through the bird

One of us wasn’t real

Or else the dove

Is not capable of being tamed



My feet played the percussion of Medusa’s stairway

Young as they were.


That innocence was the manchild father of

    Adulthood innocence,

And I had neither.


As I looked at her I saw

Exotic snakes I never feared,

My sword in hand.


All the old myths have melted

  like snow on the street

Dripping water torture into the sewers.


Medusa is dead by her reflection,

But that only

  by my mirror.

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