THE FALL (October 21, 2013)

My newfound compass led me down an autumn path I did not know

My feet  with Hermes’  boots  did seem to sail the breeze

Until I found a golden raintree, one that so

Was stately silent glowing ‘mongst the blushing trees


The leaves foretold an auric winter sunset  by their changing shade,

They beat like wings above a flat-bell, jade-hued fruit

That to the crowd of crows inhabiting the glade

Did seem so dulcet as to dare pursuit


With savage inexactitude, one bird  did make his beak a lance

Did bruise its flesh and pierce the stem; with that it fell

To give Creation’s six-legged scavengers a chance

To taste upon the dust the seeds of the cracked bell


That nature’s cruelty bears the seal of nature  did not comfort me

Is’t fair that no recourse should peace and beauty own?

Perhaps my sympathy may prove good company

I’d rather this than leaving nature to its own










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