ASTRAL (November 15, 2013)

Sometimes the sun shepherds the stars

Corrals a chorus in perfect silent pitch

And light

Pale and faintly blue tenors

Sparkling altos

And the darkness is filled

Scarcely seems the absence of light

But instead its playground


And other times it seems

Black felt and glitter






An angel invited me to dance with him

On the head of a pin

Because no other angel would.


So I guess the answer to that riddle

Is “None”

Because I turned him down.




5:45:45 AM

Two outstretched hands begin their ascent

Mine cannot reach.

A momentary embrace, and then

Slipped away while I lay in bed

But even when I gave chase

Ran out the door in below freezing

Breathless in black and white flannels

Drivers beginning to see me, honking in ignorance and anger

I couldn’t catch up

And there I was:

Daylight’s fool

Running after the sunrise

While angels told riddles about me


NEVER (November 11, 2013)


Never have I seen the sun

So anoint the sky

But not with oil, rather removing it

Taking off the crown of film

Unveiling that purest cartoon blue

Only dreamed

Admired by the white-gray wisps imbued with indigo

And ruffled sheets of violet

It defies belief

And in so doing

Cultivates it


CANON (November 10, 2013)

Sand-scrawled stories

Told twice or thrice

All ever the same:

Told by the teller


and forgiveness (November 9, 2013)

Paradise is a streak of light

Blurred into eternity in a photograph

The darkness too wears a halo

And we all wear the crown of God’s love



FIRE AND LIGHT (November 8, 2013)

Some moths to the light

And some to the fire

Some men to flight

And others to ire


We each have a star

Some false and some true

All drawn as we are

By one or by two?